Friday, August 8, 2008

Genea-Blogger Games 2008

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I’m participating in the Genea-Blogger Games 8 August 2008
As of today, I am an official participant in the 2008 Genea Blogger Group Games.

I will be competing in various catagories as well.
I will site the sources that I have just gathered this week as I site each time I input my information but I have received a lot this week.
Do an additional back up of my data, send it to the people that I have keep a copy of it in case of a natural disaster and also bring one to the bank to store in my safety desposit box.
Type in numerous obituaries that I have just received.
Organize my files.Organize Your Data
Update my table of contents to my files with the new information
Scan and label pictures and put them in the family tree accordingly.
Write, Write, Write
Assist others genealogists in their requests.
Transcribe 10 more cemeteries.

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